We're daily on our feet and our legs, they carry us for a lifetime. Actually puzzling why we give the limbs, which bring us forward, so little attention. We care face, abdomen and buttocks and invest much time and creams. It is so easy to keep up with special gymnastic exercises leg veins and fit feet. Bend your vein disease before, or provide relief from pain and swelling.

Bend and stretch your toes... round about 30 seconds.

Bend and stretch your feet.round about 30 seconds.

Make circles with your feet.Round about 30 seconds.

Make cycling movements with your legs. Good exercise doing on the floor or the bed.

See-saw on the tips of your toes and heels.

To perform these exercises properly, you should visit a vein-gymnastics hour. Here you will learn a lot more exercise variations for your exercise program. Vein-gymnastics as well as individual counseling offered in so-called vein- schools.