Bewegung ist die Seele aller Dinge. (Paul Klee)
Movement is the soul of all things. (Paul Klee)

Unfortunately, we tend to take the car even for very short distances, we tend to take the elevator, rather than the stairs. An occasional visit to the gym cannot balance a fundamental lack of movement.

If you love music, just dance. If you love spending time in nature, go for a hike or jog. If you love discovering your home or foreign cities by foot, go for a walk. If you love water, go for a swim. Golfing, biking...there are endless possibilities, that are fun and do you well.

Appropriate sports in case of venous disorders are: hiking, swimming, biking, golf, cross-country skiing, jogging and dancing. Especially decongesting for the legs is vein walking. This form of moment originated in the USA and is called power walking there.

Breath work
In der Venen-Gymnastik bitte nicht in den Bauch, sondern tief in den Brustkorb atmen
Even through breathing the back current of venous blood can be supported. Inhaling creates a negative pressure within the thorax, so that blood is being drawn up. This requires a deep breath through the nose. Exhaling the blood can stream back accordingly. This should be done through the mouth.

With many relaxation techniques, inhales are deep into the belly. This is very relaxing, but should not be practiced with an established venous disorder. Through inhaling deep into the belly, pressure is being applied onto the veins. Blood is being pressed into the legs and faulty valves cannot close correctly. In vein gymnastics inhales should be taken deep into the ribcage.

Water applications
Für Wasseranwendungen und zur Kühlung können Sie auch kühles Wasser in eine Badewanne einlassen und auf- und abgehen
Water applications do not solely have a positive effect on the leg veins, but activate circulation. Handling cold water does indeed cost quite an effort, but a quick and pleasant effect is the reward.

Hot and cold knee showers
The lower leg is first being showered with warm, not too hot water. Directly after, cold water is used for the shower. The water-jet should not be too hard. The direction of shower is from bottom up towards the knee and back down to the heels.

Wading in Water
Fill up the bath tub calf deep with cold water. Then wade through the water until the feet turn cold. A walk on the beach can also be used for wading in the water.

Resting legs up
Eine schnelle und sehr effektive Art die Beine zu entstauen. Legen Sie sich auf den Rücken und stützen Sie die Beine an die Wand
From a medical point of view it is suggested to rest the legs up as often as possible, for example during a lunch break. It might not give the best impression resting the legs on the desk in the office...but at night at home watching TV or reading... A quick way to decongest the legs is to lie on the floor with the legs up against a wall, giving an almost 90 degree angle between the legs and the rest of the body. You will feel the blood flowing from your legs. A light tingling sensation in your legs is normal. The position can be held for 5 to 10 minutes. If you enjoy laying out in the sun but suffer from venous disorders, you can try laying a cold damp towel over your legs while tanning.

Clothing and Footwear
You should not wear tight clothing , which constricts the hip and knee area, so that the blood can flow unhinderedly. Skirts are more advisable than pants, as they prevent heat buildup around the legs. Choosing the right footwear, attention should be set on the sole being soft and enabling the foot to roll off smoothly. Platform shoes hinder a healthy roll out. High heels do not allow a rolling out motion, so that these shoes should not be worn often or over a long period of time.

 Walking barefoot trains the entire foot and leg musculature. Especially walking on sandy grounds stimulates venous activity and can be combined with wading in water.

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