We at GlobalMIND design, produce, realize and import products with focus on health and wellness since 1995. As distributor of medical devices, we are well aware of our special responsibility towards our customers and society. We set a high value on valid documentation for a safe application. Our base is engineering know how and scientific consulting, paired with goaloriented project management and production at sites certified for medial devices.

We are leading in the area of certified devices for vein therapy with our VeinWalker products. We developed our products with the vision of providing effective therapy methods to the end user at an affordable price and within the EU certification guidelines. 

It always starts with an idea...
We at GlobalMIND first got in contact with intermittent pneumatic compression therapy (IPC) in the mid 1990`s. A phlebotomist, a medical specialist in venes, approached us together with a patient of his. The patient was suffering from a venous ulcer and received intermittent pneumatic compression therapy during physical rehabilitation, which helped him greatly. Also, his phlebotomist was a huge fan advocate of IPC with venous complaints. After having received the therapy with his medical specialist, he was searching for a device for at home use in order to continue to therapy and success.

Unfortunately, he had to accept, that at that time there were simply no such devices available for at home use. The devices available were far too complicated and expensive for domestic use. The patient was not willing to settle for less agility than he had won over his physical therapy and finally convinced us with his persistence.

This is how the idea to make IPC therapy available for domestic use came up. The VeinWalker was born and patented – continuously accompanied by phlebotomists during its entire development process. Since 1997 the VeinWalker is available as an affordable therapy device for at home use.

In the meantime, we engage passionately in affordable vein therapy for domestic use since over 20 years. We continuously develop new or improve our existing VeinWalker products. We are more than happy cater to your personal feedback as well.