Vein therapy in just 20 minutes –
prevent and treat vein issues with the VeinWalker PRO – in the comfort of your own home.
VenenWalker PRO
The principles of the VeinWalker are based on an approved therapeutic method more than 100 years old. Intermittent pneumatic compression therapy, in short IPC, is a physical treatment to improve the venous and lymphatic system. The German Society for Phlebology (vein medical specialists) suggests the application of IPC in cases of weak veins, varicose veins or lymphedema ("Intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC)". Air cushions, which alternately and rhythmically fill with air are part of treating these disorders since 1929. This is the basic methodology of IPC. An effect of alternating pressure massage therapy is noticeable already after only a few uses.

How does the VenenWalker work?
From a medical/technical point of view, the VeinWalker acts as intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) therapy. It allows for a simple and low risk treatment of venous insufficiency in both arms and legs.

The cuffs of the VeinWalker PRO line consist of 3 interior chambers, which are being filled successively. Therefore, there is only one tube connection to the control unit needed per cuff, which ensures a comfortable application. The leg cuffs apply regularly intermittent pressure onto the capillary pumps of the calf muscles and feet. The venous blood is being driven towards the heart. Furthermore, the water inside the tissue and the metabolic particles dissolved within are being led towards the urinary system for disposal.

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