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Veins - the daily balance (German only)

Our heart pumps - naturally - every day, every hour, every minute. The 5 liters of blood that flow in roughly every person move the heart 1500 times a day through the body. That means a pumped amount of approx. 7000 liters of blood per day! The blood from the heart enters the body through our arteries. The veins transport it back to the heart - against gravity! Our leg veins do a significant part of this work!

Hard work - every day!

Our modern way of life and physical predisposition can make life even more difficult for our veins. Lack of exercise, overweight or weak connective tissue can cause the veins to weaken. Swollen legs, spider veins, or varicose veins Edema can follow.

The good news: You can actively support your veins!

Learn more about the relationships in our cardiovascular system and read Find out how you can best support your veins in our book"Veins - the daily balance".

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