Vein therapy at home

Prevent and treat vein problems - from the comfort of your own home.

the VenenWalker® PER is a tried and tested medical device for prevention and therapy that has been approved by health insurers since 1997 Vein problems.

The VenenWalker can help and alleviate congestion and swelling of the legs. The draining effect of the application can also visibly improve the texture of the skin.

When the blood builds up in your legs ...

the venous system not only transports the blood back to the heart, but is also essential for regulating body temperature. For this purpose, the veins expand, e.g. when the body temperature rises, so that the heat can be released to the outside via the skin. Dilated veins are actually not a problem for people who move around a lot. Because then the muscles also work as a pump that pushes the blood up from the legs towards the heart.

But standing or sitting for long periods of time limits this pump function of the muscles. Blood builds up in the enlarged veins and blood water becomes heavy in the legs.r“.

How does the VenenWalker work?

From a medical point of view, it works VenenWalker® PER as apparatus-based intermittent compression (AIK) and enables problem-free and low-risk treatment of VeinsProblems.

To put it simply is that VenenWalker® PER a massager that stimulates legs and feet, such as when taking a quick walk. The venous blood is driven towards the heart by means of regularly interrupted external pressure on the legs. In addition, the water in the tissue and the metabolic particles dissolved in it are washed out and excreted. Due to the improved blood circulation and supply of the tissue, its appearance can also change and the tissue structure can become better..